Traffic Lane Only

Have you ever lost the Remote to the television, first you search the obvious spots like between the cushions and under the pillows right? If this leaves you stranded and still searching, you may enlist help and decide to move some furniture around in order to expand your search radius. Once you have moved the couch back you may notice a beautiful landscape of carpet that has not suffered from the blemishes that some other areas have. That is because high traffic areas tend to bear most of the damage. Some pathways in your house are just more popular, like say the path from the refrigerator to the T.V. or maybe you have a pet that doesn’t have the patience for the welcome mat and heads straight from the doggie door to their cozy bed by the fire.

NewAge Natural and Organic Carpet and upholstery cleaning offers a solution for this that can be particularly handy during the wet months when high traffic areas can suffer the most. We call it TLO for traffic lane only, we pinpoint those areas of your carpet that get the most traffic and use hot water extraction to loosen and remove the soil. TLO is a great affordable maintenance option for your carpets and can be done every 2-3 months as a supplement to a full carpet cleaning. This is a great tactic for getting ready for the holidays, or cleaning up afterwards.

Our TLO service is available year round, and comes in very handy during the fall and early spring. While the rain is good for the earth, it can be tough on carpets and upholstery. Give us a call today 541-531-9318 and we can give you a TLO quote. For more about our services and handy tips keep a look out for our next blog about The Myths of Carpet Drying.