Your Carpets Cleaned and Dry in 4 Hours

Worried about carpet drying time? Well, your carpets can be cleaned and dry in 4 hours! This is the topic in this latest article from NewAge Natural and Organic Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Getting your home back to normal in a fast, healthy, professional manner is always my goal. Cleaning your carpets and fast carpet drying time in 4 hours or less, in those important areas of your home, is very important to me. I realize that my customers may have children, or they may be elderly, or they are running a business, so there is a need to have dry carpets fast. Well, when I clean your carpets I can make sure that happens for those important areas of your home so you can get back to living in your home. I recover 90% of the water from the carpet, which makes for a fast drying time.

To speed the carpet drying time even further, I carry commercial carpet drying equipment in my van. I offer these at no charge for your convenience, and these fans are designed to get carpets dry fast. One or two of these commercial carpet drying fans in a room will make for fast and conveniently dry carpets and a fast return back to normal. When you are done with the fans, I ask that you wrap up the cords and put them outside your home in a safe place and I will pick them up the next day – all at no additional cost to you! I have been running my business for 29 years and realize what a difference this service makes in my client’s life. I believe the value of this service can be summed up by the following: First, by getting your carpet to dry fast. Second, to bring the fans to your home at no charge. These fans rent for $25.00 each a day from a rental store. Third, by picking them up the next day, I save you time and money. The value of this service is $100.00 or more. But the real value is having this service offered to you so you and your family are taken care of professionally and safely. I know waiting to get life back to normal is essential in your home! Carpet drying time is important.  You will not be disappointed using my service to take care of your home and family in a safe and healthy manner