Area Rug Cleaning

A new home fashion trend that is currently gaining popularity is area rugs. They add a burst of color or texture to a room and can tie together all the pieces of a room to really make it say something about who you are in your living space. Area rugs can ease the chill of a hardwood or tile floor which can be especially nice for bare feet on a leisurely Saturday morning. While a statement of home fashion, area rugs are also subject to the same necessity for cleaning and maintenance as carpets.

It may be rainy and wet this time of year outside, but returning to a cozy and dry house is always a comfort. There is some concern, especially in the rainy season, about making sure that the carpets get thoroughly dry after they have been cleaned.  If your area rug is layered over a hard wood floor this might be an essential concern for you.  With the hot water extraction technique that we use at NewAge Natural and Organic Carpet and Upholstery cleaning this is not a problem. Due to the water being extremely hot and   being removed continuously means it doesn’t leave behind an excessive amount of water.

By using this technique we are able to clean your area rugs right where they lay and there will be no issue with the water affecting the flooring underneath be it classic hard wood or wall to wall carpeting.  If you are interested in area rug cleaning you may also want to do a quick Traffic Lane Only job as well We can give you a quote on both or one of these options in order to keep your carpets  and rugs, clean, healthy and long lasting.

This first video shows how the area rug backing remains dry after the cleaning and shows the great clean results of our hot water extraction technique

In this second video we used hot water extraction to clean the floors of a local restaurant, chemical cleaners and degreasers were not required and you can see the great results. In order to have everything ready for business the next day NewAge Natural and Organic Carpet Cleaning and upholstery has drying equipment that can be left behind for fast results.  This service is available for commercial and non commercial clients upon request.