Hot To Clean Area Rugs

Photo Credit- Burd Janet

I am sure at some point you have seen the procedure of beating an area rug as a way to loosen the dust compiled within, whether it was an image  or an old T.V. show, or maybe you have even seen your mother or grandmother tackle this odious task before. This technique is tried and true, however as with all things, technology has come along to rescue us from this chore which is hard dirty work. The beating of a rug whether deserved or needed does in fact dislodge some of the grime and dust mites that have made sturdy little homes inside of the piling of your favorite area rug. It also releases built up toxins and microscopic allergens. Now if you are hanging this rug outside of your home, and taking out your weeks frustrations on it, odds are those particles and allergens are now filling the air around you and the rug that you are taking so much effort to clean. While some of this dust will float away and perhaps find a new home, a good part of it will find its way back to the rug as it settles, dust is subject to gravity as well,  and it will also populate the air that you are breathing as you huff and puff and swing.

Well there must be a better way right? Here at NewAge Natural and Organic Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning we have teamed up with a professional who has a more advanced rug dusting process. Not only is this process effective, but it also keeps the dust and toxins that are loosened in the beating process from returning back to the rug or polluting the air you breath. By using and advanced rug beating machine the dust is loosened and leaves the rug with out creating an allergen cloud that could cause you problems later or settle back into the piling.

Take a look at this video and you can see our process, the dust is safely removed, with out creating a dangerous and uncontrollable dust cloud.

The first step to preserving and cleaning your area rugs is to get all of the dust out of them. Your first step to accomplishing that is to call NewAge Natural and Organic Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. We can take care of your area rugs safely and effectively.